Breed-Up Valais Blacknose Program


What is the Breed-Up program?

Valais Blacknose Semen has just recently been made available for import to the US. There are restrictions that do not allow you to import a live animal. In order to build up the Valais Breed in the US, the Valais Blacknose Semen needs to be bred with a Sheep here.


Baa Ram Ewe Farms Breed-Up Program

We are starting with a herd of Scottish Blackface ewes and using Valais Blacknose Semen to breed an F1-50% Valais Blacknose lamb.
In order to get a full Valais Blacknose we will follow the following process:

F1 (50% Valais)
F2 (75% Valais)
F3 (88% Valais)
F4 (94% Valais)
F5 (97% Valais)

  • Determine your foundation ewes
  • These ewes are what you will breed to initially. We started with Registered Scottish Blackface as we felt they were most similar to the Valais Blacknose.

  • Breeding
  • Sheep are seasonal breeders. You will need to determine the best season to breed your sheep. We breed ours in October-December. Sheep are bred using Laparoscopic AI. This is a procedure that should be done by a vet or qualified technician. Breeding results are very dependent on the health of your ewes. Proper nutrition is a must.

  • Semen
  • We provide Valais Semen and will ship it to your vet or AI specialist.


How to Start your own Valais Blacknose Herd

If like us, you would love to own your own Valais, join us and start your own breed-up program. We have both Scottish Blackface ewes and Valais Semen available. We will also help with any questions you have on the program and help you start a successful breed-up.


What Sheep to Breed To


The recommendation from the committee is for first preference to be to breed with a Scottish Blackface Sheep. At one point, these Scottish Blackface were part of the make up of the Valais Blacknose. Another option is the Leicester Longwool, but be wary as these have some issues with inbreeding. The last option is Lincoln. Please review the requirements on the registration pages to validate what is allowed. Right now any breed is allowed.