We Love Dan!

Baa Ram Ewe Farms – A Family Affair


We are in love!  We adore the Valais Blacknose sheep and are so thrilled to be part of this endeavor to bring them to the United States.  We are sisters who decided to blend our love of country living and raising animals with the Valais Blacknose Sheep breed up program.

We have been in the breeding program since the first shipment of Semen to the USA.  We have loved learning all about the LAI process and maximizing its success.   We are happy to share our experiences with the Valais Blacknose Breed-up program with you and get you started on your own breed up program.  We have lambs available each spring and Semen available to enable you to start your own flock.  We are here to help you through the process.

We both live on small farms in rural central Idaho about 15 miles from each other.  We both enjoy raising the sheep and our kids are big helpers on the farm.    We have 8 kids(3 girls, 5 boys) between us.  The kids love feeding the sheep and being part of the whole operation.   Our kids are all involved in 4-H.  Brooke won Top Quality and Top Showman in the Breeding Program with our sheep at the local fair.